Hagonoy is a first-class urban municipality located in the province of Bulacan, Philippines. With a geo-coordinates reference centered at 14°50′N 120°43′E, it is known for its rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and vibrant local community. The town is situated in the southwest part of Bulacan, bordered by the Manila Bay to the west, making it a pivotal area for local fisheries and agriculture, particularly rice cultivation.


The municipality of Hagonoy has a rich history dating back to its earliest settlements, which were primarily focused on agriculture and fishing due to its fertile lands and access to coastal waters. Its name is derived from the hagunoy plant (Chromolaena odorata), which was abundant in the area. Over the centuries, Hagonoy played a significant role in the economic and cultural development of Bulacan and has witnessed various historical events that have shaped its identity.


Hagonoy spans a total land area of approximately 103.10 square kilometers, characterized by flat terrain with an elevation close to sea level, making it prone to flooding, especially during the rainy season. The municipality is dissected by several rivers and streams, contributing to its intricate network of waterways that are essential for irrigation and local transportation.


The economy of Hagonoy is predominantly based on agriculture, fishing, and small-scale industries. Rice and fish constitute the primary products, supporting both the local consumption and providing surplus for trade. In recent years, there has been a push towards developing local tourism and promoting its historical sites and natural beauty as additional sources of revenue.


As of the latest census, Hagonoy boasts a diverse population, with Tagalog being the predominant language spoken, reflecting the rich cultural mix of the region. The residents of Hagonoy are known for their resilience, hospitality, and strong community ties, which are celebrated through various festivals and local traditions.

Culture and Attractions

Hagonoy is home to numerous cultural attractions and events. One of the most notable is the feast of St. John the Baptist, celebrated with a fluvial parade and widespread festivities that showcase the town’s vibrant traditions. The municipality also prides itself on its historical churches, scenic natural landscapes, and culinary offerings that provide a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Hagonoy.