Norzagaray is a town located in the province of Bulacan, Philippines. It is known for its rich history, scenic landscapes, and vibrant culture. This municipality is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains, providing it with a stunning backdrop and a variety of outdoor activities for locals and visitors alike.

History of Norzagaray, Bulacan

The history of Norzagaray, a town rich in heritage, traces back to its humble beginnings in the 1750s as a part of Angat. It marked its evolution into an independent municipality on April 30, 1860, signifying a pivotal moment in its growth. Through the passage of time, Norzagaray has emerged as a vital player in the cultural and economic landscape of the province, showcasing its prowess in the realms of agriculture and tourism, contributing significantly to the region’s prosperity and charm.


  • Location: Norzagaray, a municipality in the northeastern region of Bulacan, is geographically nestled between the towns of Angat and San Jose Del Monte to the west, while being flanked by Rodriguez to the east and Doña Remedios Trinidad to the north. This strategic location offers a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty, making it a charming destination for residents and visitors alike.
  • Climate: The town boasts a tropical climate characterized by two distinct seasons. The wet season, lasting from May to November, brings lush greenery and occasional refreshing showers, creating a vibrant environment. In contrast, the dry season, which extends from December to April, offers clear skies and warm temperatures, perfect for outdoor activities and exploring the town’s natural beauty.
  • Topography: Norzagaray, a charming town in the Philippines, boasts a diverse tapestry of landscapes that enchant visitors. From the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains shaping its skyline to the tranquil rivers meandering through the terrain and the sprawling flatlands offering a sense of expansiveness, the town is a haven for nature lovers. The Sierra Madre Mountains not only define the town’s geography but also influence its microclimate, creating a unique environment teeming with natural wonders waiting to be explored.


  • Population: As per the most recent census data conducted in 2021, Norzagaray, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Philippines, boasts a population of approximately 111,348 residents. This vibrant community has seen a consistent rise in its population over the years, thanks in part to its burgeoning economy driven by agriculture and tourism. The town’s scenic landscapes and rich cultural heritage have also played a significant role in attracting a steady stream of visitors, contributing to its overall growth and prosperity.
  • Language and Ethnicity: The primary language spoken in Norzagaray, a town nestled in the heart of the Philippines, is Tagalog. This linguistic choice beautifully reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the region, showcasing its unique identity. Within this vibrant town, the population predominantly comprises individuals of Tagalog ethnicity, creating a harmonious blend of traditions and values. Additionally, Norzagaray boasts a diverse community, with a mix of other ethnic groups hailing from different parts of the Philippines, contributing to the town’s colorful tapestry of cultures and heritage.
  • Religion: Catholicism holds a significant presence in Norzagaray as the predominant religion, embraced by the majority of the population. Alongside Catholicism, various Christian denominations coexist harmoniously, enriching the religious landscape. Additionally, a small but diverse percentage of the populace follows other faiths, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of religious beliefs in the region.